pradaBrand History

Prada is superb quality gear, generally tasteful if sometimes conservative. You'll rarely look out of place. Prada designer gear always looks its price, and the same is true of Prada footwear including Prada Trainers.

The big push for Prada in 2004 was the America's Cup yacht race Prada Luna Rossa Challenge. (That means Prada Red Line Challenge in case you wondered.) The tradition is that the winners host the next competition. That presents a problem when Switzerland win as they did early in 2004.

-- Mario and Miuccia Prada--

Why are we talking about yachting instead of Prada Trainers? Well, probably the best known Prada Footwear are the Prada Trainers commonly referred to as Prada "Americas Cup" Trainers.

Prada White Leather Trainers With Pale Grey Trim || £91.04 Prada Black Leather Trainers (red logo) || £142.79

We also have new Prada trainer styles issued since then, such as Prada Commander, as well as the renowned Prada Americas Cup trainers referred to above.

Prada trainers are absolute quality, with expensive leather and great workmanship. Prada trainers can be worn casually but will also get you into places where many other trainers wouldn't - no need to go home to change your trainers for the evening so you can get into clubs if you are wearing Prada trainers!

Most Prada trainers feature the famous red Prada logo somewhere, whether it is on the tongue and/or built into the sole and heel.