E-Gift Cards Help

Introduction to E-Gift Cards

What are E-Gift Cards?
E-Gift Cards are a convenient way of sending an instant gift and can be used to purchase products on the Trainerstation website.

How do E-Gift Cards work?
Trainerstation E-Gift Cards are purchased in the same way as any other product on Trainerstation and are sent to the recipient via email. The E-Gift Card contains a six digit unique code and the recipient simply needs to register or log in to Trainerstation to redeem and add the value of the card to their account.

E-Gift Cards can be used against the value (or part value) of any purchase made on Trainerstation.

An E-Gift Card can be sent directly by email to anyone you like just as long as they have a valid email address.

If you prefer to print out the E-Gift Card and give the physical voucher to the recipient personally, we can send the E-Gift Card to your own email address. The recipient will then be able to redeem their E-Gift Card in the same way.

If you receive an E-Gift Card, please make sure you save the email or keep a record of the code to enable you to use it. We recommend that recipients of E-Gift Cards go to site and add them to their Trainerstation account as soon as they receive them.

Are the E-Gift Cards available for use on all products?
Yes, E-Gift Cards can be used to purchase all products on the Trainerstation website.

Buying E-Gift Cards

How do I buy an E-Gift Card for someone?
Unfortunately, we are no longer selling E-Gift Cards. All gift cards that have been bought can still be redeemed, we just won't be selling any new ones

How are the E-Gift Cards delivered to the recipient?
Trainerstation E-Gift Cards are delivered to the recipient by email only.

Can I print the E-Gift Card off and give it to someone as a present or forward the E-Gift Card email?
Yes, enter your email address in place of the recipient's email address. You will then receive the emailed E-Gift Card and you can then print off a copy of this E-Gift Card and physically send it to the intended Recipient. Please note: If you wish to do this, do not redeem the E-Gift Card on your own account.

E-Gift Cards are transferable, you can give the card to someone else. You can also forward the voucher to another email address. In order to redeem the E-Gift Card, the final recipient must have an email address so that they can open a Trainerstation account.

Can I cancel an E-Gift Card I've bought?
When you buy an E-Gift Card you have a cooling off period of one hour in which to cancel the order if you change your mind. During the cooling off period you may cancel an order or change the recipient. Once this period ends we process the E-Gift Card order and your credit/debit card will be charged.

I have purchased an E-Gift Card but the recipient hasn't received it
Normally E-Gift Cards are processed and delivered within two hours, although at busy periods such as Christmas, it can take up to 24 hours. Be sure that the recipient's email address is correct and that they are set up to receive HTML emails. Some HTML emails will automatically go into a ‘Junk Mail' folder so if nothing is received please check this folder. If 24 hours has passed and the E-Gift Card is not in the 'Junk Mail' folder then please contact Customer Services on 01625 410970.

Redeeming E-Gift Cards

Does the recipient have to be a Trainerstation customer already to receive an E-Gift Card?
No, if the recipient does not already have a Trainerstation account they just need to enter their normal contact details to set up an account - anyone can do it as long as they have a valid email address.

How do I redeem an E-Gift Card that I've received?
It's simple to redeem an E-Gift Card - all you need to do is login (or register for a free account) and click on 'Redeem an e-Gift Card' in your account page.  Enter the code from the E-Gift Card and this will add the value of the card to your account.  After you've added the products you want to your shopping cart, you can choose to use the credit you've got in your account against your order. 

From time to time, we issue promotional E-Gift Cards to our mailing list or particular customer groups. Please note that only one E-Gift Card can be redeemed per Trainerstation account per promotion.

To minimise delays with despatching your order, the email address on the Trainerstation account the E-Gift Card was redeemed to should match the email address the E-Gift Card was sent to.

What products can I redeem E-Gift Cards on?
E-Gift Card can be redeemed on any of the products that are listed on the Trainerstation website.

Can an E-Gift Card be redeemed against more than one product in the same purchase?
Yes, you can redeem the E-Gift Card against more than one product.

When does the E-Gift Card expire?
Trainerstation E-Gift Cards that are purchased through the site do not have an expiry date. You can use the E-Gift Card whenever you like, but don't leave it too long or you might forget you have it

Where you have received an E-Gift Card as part of a Trainerstation promotion, there may be a time limit for redeeming it to your account. Details of any such expiry date will be included in the email that is sent with the E-Gift Card.

What happens if the E-Gift Card value is higher than the price of the product(s) I'm buying? Do I get "change?"
Yes, any remaining funds you have after checking out will remain in your account for future use.

What happens if the value of the E-Gift Card I have received is lower than the price of the product(s) I'm buying?
The balance must be paid by credit/debit card.

I have been sent an E-Gift Card but it hasn't arrived
E-Gift Cardsnusually take up to two hours to be delivered, but at busy times it can take up to 24 hours. It is worth checking your junk mail folder to ensure that it hasn't been inadvertently filtered as junk email. If you still have not received it please ask the person who purchased the card to contact Customer Support.

What do I do if I've lost my E-Gift Card Email?
If the card has not been used, the person who purchased the card can contact Customer Services on 01625 410970 to have it reissued.

Can I obtain a refund on an E-Gift Card I've received?
No, refunds cannot be given on E-Gift Cards.

What can I do if I've forgotten to apply an E-Gift Card I have, to an order I have already placed?
Unfortunately, you cannot amend your order to use an E-Gift Card once you have placed it.

If I cancel an order which was paid for using an E-Gift Card (either in full or in part) what happens?
You will receive an email with a new E-Gift Card code for use with a future purchase.

Can I use a promotional "Discount Code" at the same time as an E-Gift Card?
Yes, you can use a discount code in the same transaction as an E-Gift Card.